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2048 Classic edition

The great puzzle classic, 2048, is back in this edition for all you number lovers out there who enjoy a good challenge for your brain.

For those less familiar with the concept, 2048 is a numbers game where you fuse two of the same number in a grid to add them up and try to reach the number 2048.

Sounds easy? We dare you to make it!

This version also allows you to change the size of your playing grid so that you can make the game as hard as you like it. A smaller grid means any mistake is big, but feel free to expand it for a more relaxed gaming session.
Swipe in the direction in which you wish the squares to move.
Any doubles that collide will fuse (so two 8s will fuse to create a 16).
When there is no more free space, the game is over.
If you reach 2048, you win!
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Brain, Casual, Educational, Family, Logic, Math, Number, Puzzle, Strategy
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