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  • Card Match

  • Description
    Try this nice game of cards, you must find all pairs equally among all the cards using your memory, this game is designed for children, the sound effects are delightful and make you laughing all the children, the graphics are simple but very clean, beautiful and colorful! if he touches the animals that appear on the screen feel of funny lines that will make anyone laugh.

    There are three different themes, animals, toys and objects.

    Product feature bullets:
    • Best memory exercise for your kids.
    • Graphics in high definition.
    • Sound effects likeable.
    • Fun music and sound fx.
    • Colorful graphics.
    • Gameplay immediate.
    • Three different subjects.
    • Different backgrounds.
    • Hours of fun for your kid.

    Match HD is simple to play but hard to stop ...especially suitable for small children at play.
  • Instructions
    Use your mouse to play.
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    2.5/5 (where 0 is the worst rating, 2.5 is a middle rating and 5 is the best rating) based on 1 ratings.
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    Jan 21 2022 20:00:06 UTC
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