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  • Dragon City

  • Description
    Come and discover the best dragon game! Collect tons of adorable fire-breathing dragons, train them, expand your collection, and prove yourself to earn the title of World's Best Dragon Master!

    Direct the construction of a city of dragons on floating islands and fill it with a farm, habitats, buildings ... and dragons! Take good care of your baby dragons and feed them on your farm to grow into great creatures, upgrade your farm, expand your collection of legendary animals and have them fight in PvP arenas!

    Join forces with other Dragon Masters by joining an alliance to strengthen your city under construction! Interact in in-game chat, participate in alliance events, trade orbs, and unlock special rewards.

    Combine Fire, Nature, Pure, or Legendary element dragons to create adorable unique hybrids and expand your collection of legendary animals. You can also get dragons from game events!


    Complete the Book of Dragons and write your legend! There are over 1000 Super Dragons to obtain and collect in-game to expand your city under construction!
    -New dragons join the game every week in breeding events and special islands.
    -Dress up your dragons with beautiful dragon skins.
    -Adventure on quests and battle other Dragon Masters online in PvP arenas to obtain unique dragons, claim Warrior's Chests, strengthen your city under construction, and climb the in-game leaderboards!
    - Summons dragons from another universe using the Tree of Life.
    -Collect orbs to increase the power of your dragons. Their strength will be greater in combat!
    -Unlock advanced game features like the Old World and Guardian Dragons.
    -Be sociable! Join alliances to play and interact with other Dragon Masters, trade orbs in the clearinghouse, share gifts from
    -Connect to the game with Windows to save your game and play on multiple devices. This way, you can take your baby dragons everywhere with you!

    There are over 80 million Dragon Masters in play. So what are you waiting for to start the adventure? Join the game today and start building your city!
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    mouse only
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    Nov 15 2021 7:38:09 UTC
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