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  • Junior Mazes

  • Description
    If you love solving mazes and venturing through them, and you also love to watch Disney Junior and their various amazing shows, we invite you to combine these two things right now, through the new and fantastic game called Disney Junior Mazes, where you will solve puzzles together with these characters you adore so much!

    Solve the mazes and help your favorite Disney Junior characters escape from them!
    So far, there are two series with which you can solve mazes, and they are Puppy Dog Pals, as well as TOTS (Tiny Ones Transport Service), with both of them being new shows on the network that kids love, but we're sure that in the future, more characters and show will be added into the fold.

    For each show there will be up to thirty mazes for you to solve, increasing in difficulty one after another, and depending on your performance in them you will receive from one to three stars at the end.

    Not only do you have to move through the maze and find the exit, where one of your friends is waiting for you, but along the way, make sure to reach and collect all the treats and bonus items in the labyrinth, since that is how you get the most stars in return.

    Moving through the mazes is very simple, as you only use the arrow keys to navigate them. What are you waiting for? Start now, enjoy, and make sure to share the game with more of your friends, since they should come here and have fun too!
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    Use the arrows.
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    Feb 28 2022 20:00:07 UTC
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