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  • Traffic City Command 2

  • Description
    ​Do you like traffic light games where you are in control of the traffic lights?

    Or are you interested in arcade games?

    Or games with cars where you have to watch out not to make accidents with cars?

    Maybe games where you have to watch out for the pedestrian not to run them over?

    Or you seek for a traffic control game?

    City Traffic puts you in control of the flow of traffic.
    Allowing you to determine who gets where and when.
    Control the traffic lights to ensure the citizens in your town are safely driving through the intersections and get them on their way as fast as you can! Sounds simple enough right? As your skill increases so do the intensity of each level!
    How many intersections do you think you can handle, are you truly up for the task? Find out and see how well you do by controlling the citizens in your town. Share your high score with your friends and see if you are the King or Queen of City Traffic!
  • Instructions
    Use Mouse Pointer To Play The Game .
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    Nov 15 2021 7:38:09 UTC
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